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I will be presenting at @Dreamforce – join in!

After I wrote my previous blog post on Salesforce as a corporate intranet, I’ve gotten lots of feedback and I have had a lot of interesting discussions with the Salesforce community. I’m super excited to be given the opportunity to present this project on the Salesforce Dreamforce conference!

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Can Salesforce replace your corporate intranet?

In the company I work for, QuestBack, we always strive to implement and adapt new enhancements and functionality that is released in Salesforce. Whenever we can streamline and move business processes to this platform, it increases our ROI in addition to providing all employees with fewer separate systems and places to log in. A while ago, I was asked by the management team if Salesforce could replace our current intranet solutions.

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QuestBack towards the Social Enterprise with Salesforce_1340629449151

QuestBack towards the Social Enterprise with Salesforce

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give a presentation on how QuestBack uses Salesforce as a CRM system. Read more »


Honest employee feedback without going undercover

Is going under cover with a fake name, different haircut and new glasses really the best way for senior management to get honest feedback from their employees? I think not. Read more »

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I have 10,000 fans on Facebook. Now what?

Building a community of fans and followers are at the top of many corporate agendas these days. But after having built up a community, what do you do with it? And how do you create real business value from these social media initiatives?

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